Irish Baby Names

Watch as Parents tells you about these Irish baby names! From a rich past into the present, these strong Irish names carry with them an equally powerful meaning. Honora is a baby name for girls that means the honorable one, and in the same breadth, Finn means white, named for the king. If you’re looking for girl names for a fair maiden all your own, Orla is the golden lady, and Maeve is named for the legendary queen. Declan means a man of prayer, perfect for those looking for a unique religious name. Some Irish first names are the same as American names but simply spelled differently. Keira is spelled Ceira, Ryan becomes Ria, and Aofie is pronounced like Eva. You can’t go wrong with traditional Irish names like Cullen, Liam, or Oona. Or you can choose from a more modern list of names: Kelly, Shea, Colin, Emma, Connor, Sean, Finian, Reagan, Ronon, or Maureen. Try an Irish surname as a fun alternative that still sounds beautiful like Malloy, Sullivan, or Riley. Some other different baby names include Aine, Caitlin, and Brenna, which means raven and has been in the Top 1000 baby names since the 1970s. Quinn and Talullah have been gaining some steam over the years, while Moira and Niamh, top names in Ireland, are slowly gaining traction. Other cute baby names of Irish descent are Siobhan, Cormac, Eamon, Sullivan, Niall, McKenna, and Garrett, which have been in the Top 1000 names for more than a century now. Draw from your Irish background to find the best baby names that proudly promote your heritage!

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Irish Baby Names:

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